Enabling the Luna (Windows XP) theme on Windows Server 2003


Enabling themes is an unsupported and not recommended thing to do in Windows Server 2003 and CAN CAUSE INSTABILITY!!

The method:

First, click Start, highlight Administrative Tools, then click Services.  (Also, remember how this Start Menu looks because it will be the last time you see it like this unless you go back to the Windows Standard theme :-)


Scroll down to "Themes" and double-click it, set the start-up type to Automatic, Apply, and then Click "Start" (Start will only become enabled after you set the Start-up to Automatic and !click Apply! [or manual, but you don't want that]) And press OK to leave the window

Now right-click your desktop, and click Properties

Under theme click Windows XP, then click Apply, and congratulations, you've enabled Luna

You may also want to refer to the Direct X how-to page for instructions on speeding up graphics, etc

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